Why Studying Abroad Gives you Extra Edge

Technology is creating a global workforce and economy.  A growing number of workers have coworkers, business partners, clients and customers who are in other parts of the world. It’s not uncommon for businesses to have offices on multiple continents.

Students entering into this global workforce have to be prepared for it. Studying abroad can provide many of the skills necessary to make it in this diverse, worldwide workforce. Here are five ways becoming an international student can give you an extra edge.

It Promotes Cultural Awareness

In today’s workforce, you may find yourself working with people who are halfway around the world. Studying abroad can help foster cultural awareness and a global mindset. These can help you understand the differences in various cultural practices and work more effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.

It Develops Communication Skills

Employers almost always want to hire people with strong communication skills. Living and studying in a foreign country is one of the best ways to develop those abilities. Knowing another language always looks good on a resume, especially to a company with an international presence.

Even if don’t formally study your host country’s language, you’re sure to pick up some of it. Plus, having to be creative in your communication because of language barriers will help make you a better communicator too. Even if you study at a London summer school where people speak English, you’ll still find there are linguistic differences that’ll help you hone your language skills.

It Increases Confidence

Studying abroad is challenging. It requires you to take care of yourself and live independently in an unfamiliar and sometimes confusing environment. After successfully navigating that, you’re sure to come out on the other side more confident in your abilities, which will show through to your employers.

It Shows Adaptability

When an employer sees that you studied abroad on your resume, they’ll know you’re able to adapt to new situations. In today’s quickly evolving world, that’s an ideal quality to have. Employers will feel comfortable that you can deal with a changing industry and learn new skills as circumstances change.

It Provides Access to New Resources

Studying abroad gives you access to the world instead of keeping you limited to your home university. Maybe there’s a professor in France that you’d really love to work with. Or a world class facility in Germany that you couldn’t find at home. And of course, there’s nothing like learning from a native speaker in their home country.

Education also differs from country to country. Learning about your area of study in a new way may give you a unique perspective on it that allows you to think more creatively about it than your peers. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can find it abroad.

It Boosts Your Career

Studying abroad can directly help you in your career. One survey of international students found that international education boosted employability by 87%. Not only will it look good to potential employers, graduate skills, like it too. Plus, it makes a great topic of conversation at a business dinner or industry conference.

Studying abroad can help you develop personally, professionally and provide a boost to your career. There are many benefits to studying abroad. Take full advantage of your international education opportunity, and it could literally change your life.


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